Candidates will be considered eligible for admission after verification of relevant necessary documents and health examination by the Nominating Committee of the Institution. Eligible students will complete the admission process by depositing Taka 18500/- (Eighteen Thousand Five Hundred) towards the admission fee.

49 thousand 923 student have passed this year's medical examination. Out of total 5 thousand 380 government seats, the number of students is 2 thousand 312 (43%). The number of female students is 3 thousand 68 (57%).

The highest score in the entrance exam is 92.5. Among the 5 thousand 72 seats of merit quota, the number of male students is 2 thousand 194 (43.26%) and the number of female students is 2 thousand 878 (56.74%). 269 students were selected as 5% of the total number of seats in freedom fighter quota and 39 students were selected in quota reserved for minorities.

1 lakh 4 thousand 374 people applied for the MBBS admission test. From there 1 lakh 2 thousand 369 students participated in the examination. The absenteeism rate was 1.92. The pass mark in the exam is 40. Accordingly, a total of 49 thousand 923 people have passed this year. Among them 20 thousand 457 male students and 29 thousand 466 female students.