Visit of Dr. Bruno Levecke from Ghent University, Belgium.


Dr. Bruno Levecke from Ghent University of Belgium arrived in the department of Microbiology in Mymensingh Medical College on 30th September for 6 days visit. He came for a collaborative research on “Soil Transmitted Helminths (STH) among school children of Mymensingh”.  During this visit he will deliver lectures on different aspects of STH and teach techniques for quantitative detection of eggs from stool by McMaster and Mini Floatech methods to the postgraduate (MPhil) students of this department.


This is a joint research project among Ghent University, Belgium, Department of Veterinary Medicine of Bangladesh Agriculture University, Mymensingh and Department of Microbiology.


On the 1st day of visit, lectures were given and lab works were done at the dept of microbiology, mmc, among others Prof. Muzahid Uddin Ahmed and Mr. Amimul Ehsan, Associate Professor of Veterinary Medicine, Bangladesh Agriculture University were present. It may be mentioned here that Department of Microbiology, MMC also making collaborations with Sapporo University of Japan.


Dr. Bruno Levecke has brought Antihelminthic drugs for treatment of infected children and some instruments for this research.  He will visit some local school and discuss future plan of the project and leave on October 5, 2012.


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