Lab diagnosis of Rickettssia by PCR ...


In this program a student works for 9-11 months in Bangladesh and 1-3 months in Japan.  This time he came to establish laboratory diagnosis of Rickettssial fever by PCR, first of its kind in Bangladesh. He will also do some molecular works on Leishmania and MRSA.

The Department of Microbiology, Mymensingh Medical College  have  many collaborative research program with Sapporo Medical University since 2005,  including  Rotavirus diarrhoea, MRSA, Puerperal infection, Genital Chlamydia, Diarrheagenic Esch coli, Kalaazar including PKDL. This time he will work on Rickettssia.


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Professor Nobumichi Kobayashi also trained our MPhil Microbiology students on PCR and other molecular techniques and he is kindly providing costly reagents for their research works.  Recently (14-17 October, 2012) Professor Md. Akram Hossain, Head of the department of Microbiology, visited Sapporo Medical university and Dr. Shyamal Kumar Paul, Associate Professor visited on February, 2012 by  the invitation and arrangement of Professor Kobayashi.

Dr. Salma Ahmed was there for  one month September 15, 2012- October 17 2012.




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